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Companies seek SEO Manager / SEO Specialist when Google does “disappear” their sites

go to link And ‘always so, it is never the fault of Google, but the SEO Manager / SEO Specialist.

get link Many heads / Head of SEO have fallen in recent months.
I wonder why …
How many former colleagues of phone calls I have received over the last 6 months!

follow url Important Web Agency in Milan (and even some in Switzerland – ed), no “guide” and some “young kid” put in place of the SEO Manager / SEO Specialist
for “replacement” in haste and in fury … but … the results are not (and never will be – ed)
the same, because: the experience, the real one, you can not buy, my dear multinational with your wallet full of money to the shareholders, but with crumbs for employees. And as a result, many companies: seeking SEO “good.” Even if someone has already fled to London …

go But beware, for SEO “good” means that you have to bring all customer sites in the web agency
on the front page, no, in the first 5 positions, no, the number 1 !!! Otherwise you are not an SEO “good”.

bdswiss com è Oh poor Italian (and also Switzerland, as they are looking for there too – Ed)

But is it possible that you never learn anything from Google ???
What enters the SEO now, if Google has penalized you, because “their spy” (individual named “quality rater” – ed)
There has banned the site from the results of the Google search engine? But how do you evaluate a “good” SEO as “poor”?
Simple: you can not, until they get the ban by Google!
Until then all the SEO are good 😉

binäreoptionen mit geringer mindesteneinzahlung And you? What are you looking for a “young kid” SEO Junior, or Senior SEO / Head of SEO for your business?

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