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Yahoo! after Alibaba, ready to bet on Snapchat

According to the WSJ (Wall Street Journal): Yahoo! wants Snapchat. Snapchat, to date, it is valued at 10 billion dollars. Snapchat is a very popular app among young people and especially among adolescents. And ‘an app for chatting with images that are self-destroy within a few seconds (from 1 to 10 seconds according to preferences

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The singers and actresses in Hollywood against Google

Why? Because the private photos of singers and actresses in Hollywood would be “stolen” from Google. (The technical term would be “indexed” by Google, in Google Images – ed) But the culprit is not Google, but Apple! And because Apple ever? Because pictures stolen by hackers, have been “taken” iCloud, Apple. Subsequently, the pictures, very

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Hong Kong, China censors the Internet but FireChat works even without Internet

The Chinese government is afraid of the Internet and the network censors! The Yahoo! site became inaccessible in many parts of China. This was reported to the site, which monitors the Great Firewall: the Chinese filtering system. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat: All Social Network foreigners were censored! The Chinese government has realized that

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YouTube does not earn money to Google (which bought YouTube)

Despite YouTube have 1 billion monthly users, these users are not able to earn money to the company. It is a substantial balance between income and expenses. And Google? Obviously it is not satisfied with their investment / acquisition. According to a research carried out by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal – ed) YouTube does

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City Rank Facebook: 25 million in January 2015

Here are the official numbers on the use of Facebook for Italy: 21 million Italians use Facebook from Mobile (mobile: Smartphone and Tablet – ed). Rome, Milan and Naples the first three cities. Therefore, in order of use are the following regions in Italy: – New York, Rome and province: 2,800,000 Facebook users – Lombardy,

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Instagram, estimated revenues of 700 million dollars for 2015

According to Facebook’s statements, relating to January 2015, the Instagram users have shared more than 70 million photos and videos every day. Forecast of Instagram turnover by the end of 2015 Instagram, the social network for sharing photos and videos, acquired by Facebook in 2012, expects revenues of 700 million dollars by the end of

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Samsung ready to buy BlackBerry for 7.5 billion dollars

Samsung, would offer 7.5 billion dollars to buy BlackBerry, and its patents. Operation that had to be “top secret”, in fact the two companies deny and do not confirm the news. Rumors had grown the title of the BlackBerry + 30%. Subsequently the denials, the value of the BlackBerry shares plunged by -14%. This, however,

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Google: voice translation to the translator Google Translate

Google, according to a report in the New York Times (NYT), would be ready to challenge Skype (which is venturing into the voice translation in real time – editor’s note), with a new feature: Incoming voice translation to the translator of Google. It will therefore be possible to have a written translation in real time,

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Google loses 2.2% of online searches in U.S.: after Firefox-Yahoo!

I had already written in this previous post: “Yahoo! recovers positions: will be the default search engine in Firefox instead of Google” as well: “Even Apple could abandon Google in 2015, as Search Engine” Yes, finally something is moving in the world of search engines: Google continues to yield / lose market share in online

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