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Internet – Istat: Italy 60% of households connected to the Internet

Smartphones are present in 93.1% of Italian homes, almost 6 out of 10 houses. According to the data for the yearbook Istat 2013, the number of households has access to the Internet from home in 2013 has increased from 55.5% to 60.7%. Out of 15 million and 138 thousand of families, those who have a

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Internet – Google has the world monopoly of online searches. Germany asks the algorithm

Germany wants to know the secret of Google, the most used search engine in the world, and officially he asks the Google algorithm formula. The reason for the request, according to Berlin, would be motivated by the fact that Google has acquired a monopoly position in Europe (and beyond – ed). The request was received

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Internet – WhatsApp against Skype: getting ready for voice calls

Incoming the latest addition to WhatsApp (the mobile chat) announced at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Incoming voice calls. WhatsApp against Skype? This was announced by the website NDTV Gadgets: the last app update for iOS, the operating system for iPhone and iPad will be prompted to enable access to the microphone so

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Internet – WhatsApp: the mobile chat, in 5 years reached 600 million monthly active users

  Every day are traded on WhatsApp: 50 Millions of messages. WhatsApp, then, is the number 1 chat for mobile phones with 600 million monthly active users. The current competitors of WhatsApp are: Line, Kik, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and Viber. Facebook has spent 19 billion dollars to buy the chat app for mobile: WhatsApp, while

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Internet – Tablet sales? Declining growth estimates by + 12.1% to + 6.5% in 2014

According to data from a study by IDC sales at the end of 2014 will be of + 6.5% compared to 2013. Mature markets are not growing as expected. The tablet market slows global growth of 6.5% to 233.1 million units for the current year, 2014, according to IDC forecasts: – Growth in emerging countries

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Internet – LinkedIn bows to China and Twitter sues US government

2 of the “Social Network” most used in the world, with 2 different mindset: – LinkedIn come to terms with the Chinese government and censor users’ accounts, in order to be present in the Chinese market (report in the NYT (New York Times)) – Twitter instead sues the US government because it violates the First

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