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17% of Seniors over 60 years old use social networks

Data from a research carried out by the observatory Ipsos for Dinner: + 10% over the last seven years, the Internet access by the elderly.
Curious given that between 17% and 21% of pensioners also uses the chat and instant messaging, communicate through blogs and social networks.
(Think about it when you see a photo on your favorite social network, there may be a “sprightly old man” who has fun with you, instead of the beautiful photos that you admire and why you are “drooling” in front of your monitor – ed)
While 28% is exchanged opinions on political and social.
What say we live in a country of Elders, who use the technology.
Other than the internet “young”!

E-Commerce: 12 Millions of Italians do Online Shopping in Italy

Research carried out by Google and Doxa Digital which shows that only three companies (companies P.M.I.) of 10, selling on the Internet
(A shame – ed)

Who chose the internet to market their products abroad it has achieved an increase in sales.
(The other companies, fail miserably and then complain and cry on me because I’m not able to “stay on the market” – ed)

Italians, they wake up from hibernation and begin to discover the benefits of electronic commerce.
(Great news that has existed for 20 years, but no one had yet told – ed)

In 2012, Fotunato, there is someone with the propensity to purchase online, and 12 million were the “Web Shopper”, + 30% compared to 2011.